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  • Is CBD going to make me drowsy?
    CBD has what is known as biphasic features. Chapter 4 will explore this further, but it merely means that CBD oil effects depending on the portion size. It is unlikely that CBD would induce drowsiness in nominal portions. However, in higher amounts, it can cause drowsiness. Alcohol is a clear example of a biphasic substance. It has a calming effect below a certain blood threshold and can improve your social interaction, whereas greater alcohol levels can have a depressive effect, leading to unconsciousness
  • Does CBD have any side effects?
    Mother Nature is not quite extreme, although medicinal products are often formulated to target specific body structures and have particular effects. Organic compounds can have many effects and can differ by person. Herbal blends may also have both desirable and unintended consequences. We call these undesirable results or unfavorable effects. ​ You need to know the desired effects to decide whether the result is an undesirable side effect. No other user may wish for the products that one user wants. ​ Here is an example of how CBD may work for people differently. Some people use CBD oil for a good night's rest and may feel drowsy throughout the day. If you want to feel alert during the day, sleep is an unwelcome effect like most people do.
  • Is CBD oil good for my Pet?
    Yes. Pets can benefit from high-quality CBD, too, since it is relatively safe. However, the optimal serving will depend on the size and activity level. Larger pets who are quite active may require higher dosages. In short, some animals are very passive and have no activity while others are very active and have a higher rates of metabolism. It is a good idea to speak to a veterinarian who knows CBD's uses before giving your animal CBD dog treats, CBD pet tinctures, or CBD pet oils.
  • Can CBD cause a “high”?
    Nope - CBD is not psychoactive. Properly manufactured CBD has no THC. ​ THC activates specific receptors in the brain that influence the chemistry of the brain and thereby affects consciousness. CBD does not activate these receptors. It may, in essence, prevent them from reacting to THC and thus mitigate its effects. ​ Trace amounts of THC may be found in CBD oils provided by some manufacturers. However, Calm Naturals products are processed using technology that removes THC while the other cannabinoids and terpenes are left unchanged. ​ It is worth remembering that all human bodies are different, and CBD can trigger drowsiness if you take incredibly large quantities of the substance.
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